Watercolour Washes

To do a simple wash e.g. a sky

  1. Mix some cobalt with water in a container, make sure to mix more than you will need.
  2. Tilt your watercolour paper higher at the top than at the bottom, this will help the paint flow from the brush.
  3. With a large brush dipped in the paint start at one side of your painting and bring the brush across and off the other side.
  4. Dip the brush back into the colour and start at the side of your painting again, but this time come half the width of the brush lower, so that you are catching the excess paint from your first brush stroke.
  5. A sky gets lighter in colour as it nears the horizon. To achieve this add more water to the mix and then carry on with another couple of brush strokes.
  6. When you reach the bottom of the sky dry your brush and lift the excess water from the paper with the corner of the brush. This will ensure that the colour does not bleed back. painting is finished you should use a craft knife and a ruler to cut through the tape and then lift the painting off the board.