The Practice of Oil Painting Book Online, Solomon Joseph Solomon

Have you ever wanted to find that one golden art book, that passes on seemingly lost knowledge of how the Old Maasters went about creating enviable drawings and oil paintings. Whilst there are no real shortcuts to fine art, other than extreme hard work and thorough dedication, knowing which steps to take and having a […]

Sketching in Charcoal, after Luigi Loir

Luigi Loir was a Parisian artist who primarily captured the Belle Epoch in all its glory. For anybody nostalgic about this period in Paris’ history, Luigi should hold a great deal of appeal. Occasionally Loir painted scenes from other parts of France. ArtGraphicA has a short exclusive art lesson, that imitates one of Luigi Loir’s […]

Painterly Drawing after Nicolai Fechin

A newly released, exclusive tutorial following in the footsteps of Nicolai Fechin. This art lesson is carried out primarily in vine charcoal, with the use of paintbrushes to help push the dust around and create a more painterly style of drawing. Whilst it’s not quite the same as painting, it does help merge the two […]

Animal Drawing and Anatomy

Sometimes drawing and observation alone isn’t enough, you have to understand the mechanics of what lies beneath. By understanding natures’ design, from bones through to muscles, the skilled artist can portray so much more. It is with this premise in mind that Edwin Noble presents his book on animal drawing and anatomy. Sketching animals in […]

Church of Bones Gothic Desktop Wallpaper

Looking for something slightly gothic, creepy and macabre to place on your desktop, then try our latest wallpaper from the Sedlec Ossuary near Prague. Available in eight different sizes. Click here: CHURCH OF BONES WALLPAPER Frantisek Rint was a wood carver commissioned by the Schwarzenberg family to create pieces of art from the thousands of […]

Horse Art Book

Today we’ve published a book on horse art, specifically dealing with the movement of horses, by the English artist Lowes Dalbiac Liard. Luard is a slightly neglected artist. When we think of horses and art, often names like Degas, or Stubbs, jump to the forefront. Luard was however well known in his day, creating sketches […]

Landscape Painting

Released today is an unabridged art book on landscape painting by Alfred East. The book starts by acknowledging that technical proficiency does not necessarily go hand-in-hand with producing beautiful works of art. The second chapter, painting nature, is all about the artists’ attitude towards nature, and being able to paint with authority. It is recommended […]

Learn to Draw – Free Online Drawing and Sketching Course

Regular visitors may have noticed a few recent changes to the ArtGraphica website. The Eiffel Tower theme has remained throughout, so chosen because I have been fortunate enough to live in Paris, within walking distance of the tower and art galleries for a number of years. The categories of art (based on media) should hopefully […]

Over 100 free art lessons at ArtGraphica

As of today, ArtGraphica now features over 100 quality free art tutorials, with 30 new lessons added in the past couple of months. To view the whole range of subjects and media available please visit this link – free online art instruction

Free art instruction: pastels, watercolour, oils, charcoal and acrylic

ArtGraphica has no fixation on the number thirteen, however by sheer coincidence this happens to be the number of new tutorials being launched today. Again in no particular order, we have three fantastic tutorials for the new Pastels art category – Golden Gate Park by Clark Mitchell, and Tiger and Lion Cubs by Eric Wilson. […]