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Art is about learning to see and possessing the discipline for regular practice - no innate talent or art school is required even if all you can muster is sickly looking stickmen! This website features more than one hundred quality free art lessons and commercial instruction in our video art lessons to develop art skills in a variety of mediums from graphite, oils, and watercolor through to charcoal, acrylics and ink, and from sketches to finished works of art. Inside you can find free art tutorials teaching how to draw portraits and sketch faces, how to paint landscapes and scenes both real and imaginary. ArtGraphica also features a number of art books including drawing for beginners, and drawing for art students amongst others.

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Canal impressionist oil painting on canvas.
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Artists are as diverse and varied as they come, not only in experience (or lack thereof), but style and attitude, yet many things are shared, from meditative time alone to a mutual love for aesthetics and the cathartic feelings that stem from purging our imaginations and desires onto a sheet of paper or canvas

The beauty of art is that it can be picked up at any age. If art looks magical to a beginner then that's probably because they never spent any real time painting or drawing since leaving school. The process of seeing can be mastered by all, and seeing is the key to drawing and sketching, and drawing/sketching the key to using any medium. Drawing largely amounts to measuring, coordinating the hand to interpret a representation seen by the eyes. The more accurate those measurements, the more like the subject that drawing will resemble (true, it can be easier said than done!). The basic skills learnt correctly can lead you towards your goals be it striving for photorealism, expressionism, impressionism or anything inbetween. A knowledge of anatomy, perspective and form can also prove essential to enhancing your art (whether from life or from a photo reference) and improve drawing from imagination.

When learning any new skill, it takes years to start gaining any sort of mastery of it, and even then there will always be new things to learn, and frustrations to overcome. Even the greatest and oldest of artists will usually attest to the persistently challenging nature of drawing and painting: understanding you are not alone in this may lead to less frustration. Practice, patience and persistence will pay dividends, and we sincerely hope this website will help you achieve some of your own personal targets, and certain lessons will inspire you to become the best artist you are capable of becoming.

the right art instruction and background reading, combined with astute observation anybody can develop as a proficient self-taught artist. This website is geared to developing and harnessing both the latent skills of beginners, and those with some experience behind them (whether self-taught or a student of art). Primarily the in-depth and structured art demonstrations and instructions are represented through the series of unique multimedia titles, combining video, animation, and photographs with careful and thorough descriptions of each stage. Also provided are a set of completely free art tutorials, and whilst not representative of the commercial products, they are written to a high standard and it is my intention that they serve as a means to develop, aid and instruct others interested in producing and creating art.

vine charcoal drawing sketch
10" by 8" Vine Charcoal. Rothschild Parc, Boulogne Billancourt.

Teaching Yourself Art

As a self-taught artist myself, I have always been wary of those art guides that purport to turn you into a Cezanne, Gogh or Monet in a day. Not only do I think it important to become the artist you are to become not that emulation is a bad thing - copying old masters has many benefits and is highly recommended), art is a path you have to dedicate yourself to, and be prepared to work at. Whatever your style, being able to visualise in three dimensions is one of the key and most important skills for any artist to develop.

Many abysmal drawing efforts followed my earliest attemps in creating sickly looking stickmen, with the odd success mixed in amongst frustration. I became a proficient reader and maintained a high standard of discipline when it came to drawing practice. My journey continues (and will forever continue to do so) and I've yet to fall into a niche, but evolution is the fun part to development and it would be a pleasure to help others along their evolutionary artistic adventures.


Drawing & Painting Trees - Free Book

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Learn how to draw and paint trees. ArtGraphica has been hard at work putting a free online version of Rex Vicat Cole's: The Artistic Anatomy of Trees...


Drawing For Beginners, Online Book

how to draw trees, free art books

Beginners guide to drawing, from figures and portraits, to pets, animals and architecture. Teaches perspective, measuring with plumblines etc.. Drawing For Beginners...


Drawing for Art Students, Free Book

how to draw trees, free art books

Drawing for art students is a great general guide for artist's of various abilities, to grow and improve their artistic skills. Drawing for Art Students...


Freehand Drawing - Free Art Book

how to draw trees, free art books

Freehand drawing without rulers and mechanical aids provides a strong background in draughtsmanship. Book is suited to art teachers and students. Freehand Drawing...


Constructive Anatomy Free Book

constructive anatomy, george bridgman book, free art books

George Bridgman Constructive anatomy demonstrates the simplest and most effective ways in which to draw and construct the human figure.. Constructive Anatomy...


Light and Shade - Free Art Book

light and shade, charcoal, pencil and brush, online art book

Light and Shade Study the principals of Light and Shade, with additional chapters on charcoal, pencil and brush. Original written for both art teachers and art students.. Light and Shade...


Perspective For Artists - Free Book

perspective for artists, free art book

Learning to Draw in Perspective is an invaluable skill for drawing and painting landscapes, architecture, figures and animals. This in depth free art book covers everything you need to know on the subject of perspective and art.. Perspective for Artists...


Charcoal Drawing - Free Art Book

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Charcoal Drawing without a master, studies the timeless medium of charcoal used not only for studies, but for detailed creations of fine art. Learn about studio materials, supports, types of charcoal, and materials for blending, softening tones, and fixing... Charcoal Drawing...

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