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Pastels were mentioned as far back as 1495, by Leonardo da Vinci, and have remained a popular painting material ever since. You need only visit an art gallery to see how a well preserved pastel paintings remains strong and vibrant contrasted to some other mediums, like watercolors. When working with pastels, you do need to be aware of dust, and ensure you have proper ventilation. Finished works also benefit from being properly stored, or placed behind glass with suitable matting.

Female Nude

female nude in pastels,

New Zealand born Pauline Adair is an Australian artist from Queensland, who specialises in portraits and nudes. In this pastel demonstration, Pauline works on the smooth side of Canson Mi Tientes pastel paper (warm grey), starting with a charcoal drawing before adding colour.

Painting the Female Nude

Tiger, Pastel Painting Lesson

tiger photorealism, pastel art lesson

Eric Wilson is one of Britain's leading wildlife and pastel artists. His passion for the wild came from years of roaming the highland mountains of Scotland. Eric has travelled extensively to remote places to study animals in their natural habitat which almost cost him his life in Zimbabwe when a black rhino charged him. This magnificent tiger painting is executed on Royal Sovereign pastel paper.

Tiger Wildlife Painting

Soft Pastel with Alcohol Underpainting

how to paint flowers

Underpaintings are usually considered in oil painting, but may also apply to pastel paintings. This lesson uses alcohol to break down hard pastels to create an underpainting which is subsequently built upon with layers of soft pastel.

How to Paint Flowers

Robert de Niro Portrait

robert de niro art, portrait demonstration, celebrity painting, pastel demo

Gerard Mineo is a French artist. In the 1980's Gerard worked a lot doing 'street workshops' capturing the attention of crowds who stood and watched him create portraits. Gerard now lives in the small, pretty city of Bergerac, France and continues to create portraits of both people and animals. This pastel art demonstration follows the painting of actor Robert de Niro, with many step by step photographs.

De Niro Painting Lesson

Dog Portrait, Pastel Art Lesson

dog in pastels

Kari Tirrell is a self-taught artist who works predominantly with pastels, painting animals and people. Although Kari does not strive for photorealism, people often comment on the photorealism of her work. Kari is a member of the Northwest Pastel Society, Peninsula Art League, and is a juried member of EBSQ Self Representing Artists.

How to Paint a Dog

Early Morning in the Smokes - Pastel Landscape

pastel landscape lesson

Larry Blovits has a national reputation for excellence in oil painting and pastel portraits and landscapes, winning awards and honours in national shows since 1962. With homage to the Great Masters, Larry strives to emulate and continue the tradition of "academic" painting. This pastel landscape art tutorial captures a great balance between light and shadow in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Pastel Landscape Art Lesson

Lion Cub, Painting with pastels

lion cub

Artist Eric Wilson was still experimenting with pastels whilst painting the lion cub portrait, but carries it off with enormous skill.

Lion Cub Art

Wildlife Painting Tips

wildlife art tips

Leigh Rust was born in Melbourne Australia, and has a passion for wildlife stemming from childhood. His first solo exhibition was in 2006, and in 2008 he collaborated with Melbourne Zoo doing art demonstrations for the annual Twilight concert series. He has also had two works make the finals of the BBC's Wildlife artist of the year competition. In this lesson, Leigh shares tips on improving your wildlife art to create an impact!

Wildlife Painting Tips

Pastels and Watercolor, Portraint Painting Demo

pastels and watercolor

The artist, Debra Jones, demonstrates a technique of using pastels over watercolor, as a means to bypass some of the limitations of commercial pastel papers. Soft vine charcoal is first used, though most of the charcoal disappates when the complimentary watercolor washes are applied. The pastels are applied for the final layers.

Pastel and Watercolor

Learn How to Make Your Own Pastels

make your own pastels

Phyllis Russell Franklin has been painting since her earliest memories, but working in the corporate world and taking care of her family left little time to explore her creative pursuits in later life. After retirement Phyllis has now been able to return to her passion, and is affiliated with many art socieities and exhibits her work in shows. Making soft patels is time-consuming and messy, but extremely rewarding. Phyllis shows you how.

Make Your Own Pastels

Ducks - Pastel Painting Lesson

painting ducks

This duck pastel painting tutorial starts with Derwent pastel pencils on white Wallis sanded paper, and also uses Rembrandt soft pastels, using Gamsol to turn the pastel into a kind of liquid.

How to Paint Ducks

San Francisco Golden Gate Park, Pastel Art Lesson

landscape pastel lesson

"In order for my images to succeed, they must not only catch the viewer's eyes and heart, but also cause the mind to acknowledge what is at stake on our planet." - Clark Mitchell.
Ckark was educated at the Academy of Art College, San Francisco. This pastel art tutorial features the local Golden Gate Park.

Pastel Landscape Painting

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