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How to paint in oils

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Oil paints are some of the most versatile of painting mediums. Mistakes can be painted over or scraped out and redone, and values and colors corrected as you go, however it is important good practices are maintained in order to prevent problems with longevity. It is not the cheapest practice to pursue, but if you are able to invest in better quality paints, you will find they will last longer (due to higher pigment content and less fillers) and ultimate work out to be cheaper than their student paint equivalent.

Landscape Painting Book

landscape painting, art book onlineThis art book focuses solely on landscape painting, attempting to teach the artist beyond mere technical understanding, to question the how and why of things; in short to adopt a different attitude towards nature. By getting in touch with nature, primarily by being out there drawing and painting on a regular basis, the artist can approach landscape painting like that of a master.

Free Landscape Painting Book

The Grand Canyon North Rim

free art demo, oil painting, landscape, grand canyon

Jim Thomas moved to Arizona in 1978, and has had a close and personal connection to the land and its history since childhood. This fantastic art demonstration is in two parts, and doesn't disappoint in its ability to capture the epic size and scale of the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Oil Painting Demo

New Zealand Landscape Painting, Settler's Rest

landscape painting instruction

Graham Braddock was born in perhaps the most beautiful country in the world - New Zealand. His landscape painting demonstration captures the rugged beauty of the unspoiled New Zealand countryside. The art lesson begins on a sheet of prepared hardboard, and builds up through a charcoal underdrawing followed by acrylic washes until its final completion in oil paints.

New Zealand Oil Painting Lesson

Girl Amongst Bamboo (Brittany)

alla prima tutorial

Scott Burdick and his wife Susan Lyon (an equally talented painter), reside in rural North Carolina. Scott's alla prima painting style demonstrates how a loose approach creates a high degree of realism and interest. In this painting demo, Scott is kind enough to give us great close up's to show off the brush strokes.

Alla Prima Figure Painting Lesson

The Tranquil Sea

oil painting, philip howe

Philip Howe has been producing commercial illustration for the past thirty years. This oil painting demonstration offers some great insights Philip's approach to painting, with many photographic illustrations along the way. The art demonstration is divided up over two pages.

Fantasy Oil Painting Lesson

The Old Conquistador - Old Master Chiaroscuro Technique for Portraits

the old conquistador, old master painting, chiaroscuro technique, portrait painting demo

This wonderful portrait demonstration uses the old master chiaroscuro techniques or extreme light and shade to create added drama. The painting is built up in a series of layers to build up a rich overall tone.

Old Master Chiaroscuro Technique for Portraits

Photorealism, Purple Iris

photorealism and oil painting, photorealistic techniques, oil painting, oil glazes

This oil painting lesson features a photorealism approach to painting a purple iris, using a number of glazed layer to build up rich colors and details, built up over a grisaille underpainting.

Photorealism Oil Painting Lesson

Tigers' Eyes

free oil painting tutorial, learn to paint in oils

Jason Morgan has shared a love for wildlife ever since he can remember. Alongside his passion for creating highly detailed, wildlife paintings, he also takes active involvement with wildlife conservation and is a member of the AFC (Artists for Conservation Group).

Tigers Eyes Oil Painting Lesson

English Rural Landscape Painting

oil painting, english landscape

Kim Loydall lives and works with fellow artist, Julie Hirons, in the heart of England, and both have been producing paintings since the 1970's. Kim works primarily in oil paints in the genre of landscape painting. In this demonstration Kim shows us an English rural road, and his method for building up towards a finely detailed finished painting.

Painting the English Countryside

Springtime Glory, Landscape with Poppies

oil painting

Texas born Jennifer Young now resides in Richmond, Virginia, painting vibrant scenes of the American South and rural Europe. Jennifer's oil painting demonstration starts off on a red toned canvas, and finishes with a luscious field of poppies illuminating the foreground and pulling us into the rest of her painting.

Landscape with Poppies

Lake Louise and the Rocky Mountains

how to paint mountains

Paul Rupert is a Canadian artist and an elected member of the Canadian Society of Artists. Paul studied formally at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, under the late Arthur Lismer, and today his paintings are much sought after.
This painting demonstration is inspired by Paul's travels in the Rocky Mountains.

Rocky Mountains Oil Painting Lesson

Mountain Gorilla

wildlife painting demo, mountain gorilla

Jason Morgan has shared a love for wildlife ever since he can remember. Alongside his passion for creating highly detailed, wildlife paintings, he also takes active involvement with wildlife conservation and is a member of the AFC (Artists for Conservation Group).

Mountain Gorilla

Atmospheric Perspective

free oil painting lesson, atmospheric perspective

Richard Robinson lives and works in Ruakaka, near to Whangarei, New Zealand. Richard takes inspiration from the beautiful New Zealand landscape around him, seeking out the special light unique to NZ's longitude within the planet. This masterclass lesson in pleine aire painting of New Zealand's coastland includes a watchable video.

Atmospheric Perspective

The Sword of the Spirit

fantasy oil painting, painting fantasy, art lesson

Jeff Haynie has always been passionate about fantasy art. In the 1970's Jeff worked a lot with airbrushing, later opening a studio and producing illustrations for major corporations. Currently Jeff does a lot of artwork for video games. This fantasy oil painting starts with a grisalle, a technique used by the old masters.

Fantasy Oil Painting Lesson

Breaking Surf, Benton Point

learn to paint in oils

Richard Robinson lives and works in Ruakaka, near to Whangarei, New Zealand. Richard takes inspiration from the beautiful New Zealand landscape around him, seeking out the special light unique to NZ's longitude within the planet. This masterclass lesson in pleine aire painting of New Zealand's coastland includes a watchable video.

Breaking surf

Shaw Cove, oil painting demo

shaw cover, pleine air

American artist Kenn Backhaus was born in Wisconsin. His fondness for nature became the catalyst for his art. Kenn embarked on a professional carerr in Design and Illustration in the 1970's winning many awards, though his heart always remained with outdoor painting. This plein air painting demonstration was carried out during the Sixth Annual Laguna Plein Air event in Laguna Beach, California.

Plein air oil painting demo

Painting Pears

painting pears

Brian Simons is a self-taught artist whose artistic inspiration comes largely from the 'Group of Seven'. He lives with his family on Vancouver Island, and has been represeted by numerous galleries on the island. Brian has a complete course book in acrylic painting and conducts acrylic painting workshops in British Columbia, Alberta and the United States. In this oil painting demonstration, Brian uses a 'mapping' technique to simplify the process of painting.

Painting Fruit in Oil Paints

Vintage Winter Snow Scene

winter scene, horse and carriage

Aaron Holland is a founding member of the Peninsula Plein Air Painters (PPAP) and has participated in many regional and national shows. Aaron teaches an academic approach to drawing and painting stressing the importance of draughtsmanship, composition, use of colour and calligraphic brushwork. He studied Classical Realism, and in this tutorial uses a Venetian method known as a grisaille (monochromatic underpainting).

Learn How to Paint a Winter Scene in Oil Paints

Learn How to Paint a Breaking Ocean Wave

breaking wave, learn to paint in oils

Byron Pickering made his home on the Oregon Coast in 1971, but his love for water came growing up amongst the lakes of Wisconsin. This demonstration focuses on the structure and contours of a breaking ocean wave, along with foam patterns and foam bursts.

Learn to Paint an Ocean Wave

Melvin the Basset Hound

basset hound demo

David Dowbyhuz resides in Montreal, Quebec and is largely a self-taught artist who continues to challenge himself. One of his favourite subjects are Basset Hounds, and his passion shows through in this oil painting demonstration.

Basset Hound Oil Painting Lesson

Glazing Techniques in Oil Paints

oil painting with glazes

William F. Martin spent 35 years in the lithographic profession as a color seperation specialist. Along with his degree in Science, William has applied a scientific approach to his love for color theory, and his passion for creative realism. Although this demonstration is now a number of years old, it explains in detail an approach to glazing with oils still used by William today.

Glazing Techniques in Oil Paints

Elvin Cove by William Whitaker

william whitaker oil painting tutorial

William Whitaker is a well respected artist, well known for his tight figurative work. He in Provo, Utah, and taught art for twelves years before devoting himself fully to his own paintings.
This painting demonstration dates back to a piece first created in 1983.

William Whitaker Painting Lesson

Losing a Likeness and Finding it Again

lost and found edges, portrait painting, classical art lesson

Karin Wells has enjoyed a career as an award-winning graphic designer, illustrator and sign painter. Karin works in layers, which often results in losing the likeness. In this oil painting portrait demo, Karin show how to use acetate to transfer the drawing and to regain the likeness as often as you need it throughout the various painting stages.

Lost and Found Edges, Oil Painting Techniques

Painting Annie - The Secret Pancake Method of Oil Painting

pancake method, classical portrait painting, free portrait art demo

After seeing a poster of Michaelangelo's 'Manchester Madonna' Karin began to see how a flat pancake underpainting could aid composition and create luminous lighting.

Secret Method of Oil Painting Lesson

Classical Portrait Painting in Oils

classical portrait demo, portrait in oils demonstration

Karin explains her painting process from the pencil drawing, to acrylic underpainting through to the subsequent layers of oil paint.

Classical Portrait Painting Demo

Painting Water Drips and Drops

painting water drops, painting drops and drips

In this oil painting lesson, Karin demonstrates how to paint water drips and drops in four simple steps.

Learn to Paint Water Drips and Drops

Painting the Female Nude

painting the female nude

A lifelong resident of Salt Lake City, Utah, Bryce Cameron Liston is a member of the National Sculpture Society, the Oil Painters of America and the International Guild of Realism. In this oil painting demonstration of the female nude, Bryce shows his preliminary process of drawing, followed by a color study before preparing a canvas and recreating the drawing in charcoal before toning the canvas and painting an area at a time.

Painting the Female Nude

Learn How to Paint a Cat

how to paint a cat

Richard Ancheta first began to paint at the age of 12 years old and took painting lessons with well known Filipino artist and illustrators. This is an oil painting demonstration showing how to paint a Siamese cat, including sketching, canvas toning and graduating colours from dark to light.

Learn How to Paint a Cat

Landscape Painting on Red Ground

red ground, landscape tutorial

Contemporary Impressionist Caroline Jasper's paintings are "always about the light", says the artist. "It can dramatize the most ordinary places." Red is her trademark. Each of her colorful landscape and water scenes begins on red ground, which serves to invigorate visual interaction against loosely applied color marks.

Painting Trees on a Red Ground

Painting a Big Tree in Oil Paints

painting trees, philip howe

Philip Howe is a talented professional artist living in Seattle. Philip has always found trees a difficult subject to paint, but never-the-less makes a fantastic impression by simplifying the whole process in this oil painting tree demonstration.

Painting a Big Tree, Oil Painting Lesson

Female Nude on Dark Cloth

painting the nude

This female nude oil painting demonstration was executed in a mere six hours using a direct approach. Philip starts with a light, but accurate pencil drawing which is then fixed, and toned leaving him only to worry about color and value.

Learn How to Paint the Female Nude

Sierra Splendor

sierra mountains, nevada

Mike Callahan is a nationally recognised award winning artist and native to the Nevadas. This oil painting demonstration is in three parts and includes a large number of photographs marking the stages of development throughout the creation of the painting.

Learn to Paint Mountains

Fantasy Oil Painting Lesson

learn to paint fantasy

This fantasy oil painting demonstration by Philip Howe sets out to achieve realism without resorting to the use of overly small paint brushes, and adopts glazing techniques to great effect.

Learn to Paint Fantasy

Animal Skull

how to paint an animal skull

Brian MacNeil is a realist painting having studied at the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, adopting the techniques of the Renaissance artists. This skull painting oil painting lesson uses the sight-size method to draw the skull which is then transferred to linen. The painting commences with a Raw Umber wash, and is subsequently built up with glazes of color.

Animal Skull

Plein Air to Studio

plein air painting, study to studio, oil painting landscape lesson

Dan Schultz draws his inpiration from such artists as John Singer Sargent and Anders Zorn. He became an art instructor at Cottonwood Artist's School in Colorado Springs before taking up residency in Okai, California. In this oil painting demonstration, Dan takes a plein air study to the studio to create a larger version on linen. The tutorial features many step-by-step photographs of the process.

Plein Air Oil Painting Lesson

Venice Still Life

still life painting demo, venice still life

Philip Howe is a talented professional artist living in Seattle. This still life oil painting tutorial draws upon a Venetian scene with an antique box used as the focal point.

Venice Still Life

Painting After the Old Masters - Cornelis Van Der Geest

old master painting copy, paint like the old masters

Brian MacNeil is a realist painting having studied at the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, adopting the techniques of the Renaissance artists. This old master reproduction copies the work of Cornelis Van Der Geest, starting with a pencil and chalk rendition before transferring the drawing to canvas and commencing work with a raw umber wash.

Learning to Paint Like the Old Masters

West Wind - Step by Step Oil Painting Lesson

painting step by step

This studio painting, on Claessens double oil primed linen canvas, uses vine charcoal to draw directly onto the canvas. Dan works one area to completion, before moving outwards from the figure and focal point, being careful not to let any other element of the painting dominate and distract.

Step by Step Oil Painting Lesson

Angel Fantasy

fantasy angel demo, painting angels

This type of painting often takes more time in planning than in the painting itself. Philip utilises a graphic, illustrative approach, and builds up his painting with layers of transparent color. Follow his work in progress and thought processes in this free oil painting lesson.

Angel Fantasy Painting Demonstration

Painting Water and Sky

painting water and sky

Jon Friedman paints landscapes, figure paintings, and commissioned portraits in studios both in New York City and Cape Cod, Massachusetts. This low tide sunrise demonstration is executed as a panoramic and carried out in both acrylic and oil paints, using a spray gun to start the painting with acrylics and later moving to oils to blend and add details.

Learn How to Paint Water and Sky

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