Church of Bones Gothic Desktop Wallpaper

The Bone Chapel

church of bones, bone chapel, sedlec, prague, ossuary

For gothic fans and those who like the macabre, here is free photograph available for your screen.


human bone chandelier, sedlec ossuary, bone church, all saints chapel, prague

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Sedlec Ossuary receives more than 250,000 visitors each year. The church consists of two chapels, one built above the other. The underground chapel has connections to the field of Haceldama in Jerusalem, where the bodies of pilgrims were buried.

The bone art structures are credited to Frantisek Rint, who bleached the skeletons with chlorinated lime, before creating fasincating and macarbre works of art, including the Schwarzenberg family coat of arms. To read more about the church, please visit our main page : Church of Bones.










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