Rural Landscape, Oil Painting Art Tutorial

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Painting the Landscape in Oils

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Soft pencil or charcoal is best for the initial drawing, especially on canvas. Hogs hair brushes are best suited for oil painting.

The main types are: flats, brights, filbert, and round. Sable, fitch, and squirrel hair brushes are also used, mainly to apply highlights and detail to the painting.

oil painting palette and mediums
cadmium red oil paint colourCadmium RedalizarinAlizarin
cadmium yellowCadmium Yellowyellow ochreYellow Ochre
cobalt blueCobalt Blueultrmarine blueUltramarine
viridian greenViridiancerulean blueCerulean
raw umberRaw Umberburnt umberBurnt Umber
raw siennaRaw Siennatitanium white, oil paintTitanium White

A palette is essential for mixing paint. Shown here is a traditional style wooden palette, but any non-absorbent board will do, even an old dinner plate.

easel canvas

Palette knives are for mixing paint on the palette or applying large amounts of paint to the canvas.

Turpentine and linseed oil are used to thin the paint.

For the best results use good quality tubes of oil colour.

The surface to be painted is usually referred to as the support. Stretched canvas, oil painting boards and oil painting paper are the most common. Hardboard can be used but must be primed with at least three coats of acrylic primer.

There are several types of easel. Shown here is a radial studio easel, which can be adjusted for height and the size of canvas (support).
A collapsible easel is very portable and can be used for outdoor work.(See step by step watercolours).

rural landscape art demonstration, free

A good supply of rags, for wiping surplus paint off brushes and cleaning the palette, should always be at hand.

This is a small canvas 16 inches x 12 inches (40x31cm approx.)
Draw out the basic shapes of the painting, using soft pencil or charcoal. There is no need to draw in any detail as you will see in the next stages.

The first layer of paint is applied as a thin wash, using paint mixed with turpentine and a little linseed oil, start with the sky and block in the main areas of colour.

painting the english landscape

Keep the colours as simple as possible at this stage, try to use the colours you see but in darker tones.

free landscape painting demo

When the main blocks of colour have been applied, begin to fill in the darkest areas.

Put in some of the darker details, for example the trees in the background.

If possible leave surface to dry.

painting in oil colours

Back to the sky: Starting from the horizon, work in the colour and first details of the sky.

rural oil painting lesson

Paint in the furthest points on the horizon working forward to the middle ground of the painting.

You can now start to paint in the details across the middle ground of the picture.

free art demo

Add some detail and dark areas to the middle ground of the picture.

landscape oil painting

Paint in the furthest points on the horizon working forward to the middle ground of the painting.

You can now start to paint in the details across the middle ground of the picture.

painting the landscape in oil paints

Work in the middle ground.

rural england, painting lessons

As you paint towards the foreground, work in some details, but make sure you do not completely lose the darkest areas which give the painting depth.

oil painting lesson

Work in the foreground of the painting.

art demonstration in oil paints

Complete the final details and the highlights.

rural scene, england, oil painting

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