One, Two and Three-Point Perspective

Basics of Perspective and Art

Wetcanvas Guest Lecture by Mitzi Smyth

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One Point Perspective

Here are several examples of one point perspective in a very simple format. You can play with one point to get the feel for this very ridged method.

1. Try to draw a fence using this method. Don’t forget the thickness of the fence posts and rails. Can you develop a shadow for the fence?

2. Try to draw several objects that overlap each other and then attempt to figure out the shadows.

One Point Perspective - Click to Enlarge

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Two Point Perspective

Here is a simple demonstration using shadows for two point perspective.

1. You could try to draw a city block using this method.

2. Try to draw several images that overlap for two point perspective.

Try to include the shadows for the group that you have created.

Two Point Perspective - Click to Enlarge

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2 point perspective

Three Point Perspective

Here is a simple concept for three-point perspective. Keep in mind that when using three point perspective things get a little weird. When working with this concept, objects become very distorted since you do not have the real space to emulate the real world. Therefore, objects seem squished and distorted. This is often used in animation, especially with action comic folks to create drama, action and sense of space in a pretend world. How would you go about showing Superman flying around New York or your own hometown?

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