Three free art demos!

We have three more free art demos available on our website, courtesy of Socar Myles, Linda Ravenscroft and Mary Ann Boysen. Socar’s tutorial features a beautifully rendered piece of dark existential fantasy art, in pen and ink; a carnivorous hedgerow consuming a dead rat. In stark contrast, Mary uses the unpredictable nature of watercolours (in […]

Beware of emails purporting to offer you a job!

Nigerian scams are usual easy to spot. There is a generic email currently doing the rounds purporting to offer a job from either a John Wood, Michael Grifford or Michael Pollard (the names change from time to time). Unfortunately these scammers have stuck the ArtGraphica domain name in one of their template emails. If you […]

New art lessons in acrylic, watercolour, oils and ink

I’m happy to announce the addition of seven free art lessons from a selection of talented artists, with more soon to follow. These free online art tutorials include: – Native Nevada artist Mike Callahan’s large scale commission oil painting, capturing the splendor and majesty of the Sierra mountains. – Californian artist Roland Lee’s transparent watercolour, […]