Learn how to draw trees effectively

This post was written by admin on October 8, 2013
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Undoubtedly trees can be tricky to draw. Their organic, seemingly haphazard forms demand attention and perhaps more crucial still is incorporating these organic masses into a well-balanced, compositional drawing. Even the best drawn trees will suffer if the overall design of the drawing is not well considered; sometimes that means playing with references (whether from life or photography, though observation from life is certainly preferential to gain an understanding of the three dimensionality of trees).

Whatever your style of drawing, to draw trees effectively you need to have a fundamental knowledge: how do trees grow, formation of trunk, branches, leaf formation, texture, size, structure etc. etc. We can identify trees because they are unique from one another, and therefore you should be able to draw a tree that could be identified as being from a particular species. If you really want to develop your knowledge, Rex Vicat Cole’s book THE ARTISTIC ANATOMY OF TREES provides a wealth of information for artists.

If you favour detail and realism, Mike Sibley’s demonstration HOW TO DRAW REALISTIC TREES aims to draw trees in great detail with an understanding of form and structure, crucial for shading and showing off the tree’s three-dimensionality.

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