Animal Drawing and Anatomy

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Sometimes drawing and observation alone isn’t enough, you have to understand the mechanics of what lies beneath. By understanding natures’ design, from bones through to muscles, the skilled artist can portray so much more. It is with this premise in mind that Edwin Noble presents his book on animal drawing and anatomy. Sketching animals in repose, sometimes risks a stiff look. It is important to capture the gesture and kineticism of animals in motion so as not to draw an animal that looks like it was stuffed and mounted on display. By combining the gesture with more detailed study, the artist stands to improve their ability in drawing not only animals, but almost anything they put their hand to.

This unabridged art book covers many subject matters, most of which are common and found close to hand, from dogs and sheep to cows, birds and horses. The last chapter looks at wilder and more exotic animals, that most people would find easier to study at their local zoo.

animal drawing and anatomy

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