Over 100 free art lessons at ArtGraphica

As of today, ArtGraphica now features over 100 quality free art tutorials, with 30 new lessons added in the past couple of months. To view the whole range of subjects and media available please visit this link – free online art instruction

Free art instruction: pastels, watercolour, oils, charcoal and acrylic

ArtGraphica has no fixation on the number thirteen, however by sheer coincidence this happens to be the number of new tutorials being launched today. Again in no particular order, we have three fantastic tutorials for the new Pastels art category – Golden Gate Park by Clark Mitchell, and Tiger and Lion Cubs by Eric Wilson. Eric includes some great shots of his work, and has some great stories to tell, including his close call with a black rhino and being handed the keys to boxing legend Mr. Nigel Benn’s porche after painting his portrait.

The Acrylics section has expanded to include four inspiration art lessons. We have Michigan artist Rod Lawrence’s wolf tutorial, Charles Harrington’s step-by-step acrylic instruction, self-taught artist Brian Simons’ waterfall and Lorraine Vatcher’s tulip and glass vase.

Over in the charcoal category, where good lessons are hard to find, Pablo Dominguez produces are stunning and stylised portrait of a puma, with a few touches of highlight in white pastel.

In the oil painting corner there is another contribution by Brian Simons’ on painting pears, and an old vintage snow scene by Aaron Holland.

Last, but not least, there are three additions to the ‘watercolour‘ genre. Doris Joa’s passion for flowers really shows in her rendition of a Heidi Klum Rose. Canadian artist Peter Humeniuk demonstrates the painting of birch trees and Dawn Heim paints some tasty looking wild blackberries.

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Thirteen new art lessons including a new Pastels category!

Thirteen may be an unlucky number for the superstitious amongst us, but that is the number of new art tutorials being launched on ArtGraphica today. Also included is a new ‘Pastels’ category; a wonderful medium that should not be neglected.

In no particular order, we start with French artist Gerard Mineo’s pastel portrait lesson of Robert de Niro, self-taught artist Kari Tirrell’s realistic pastel Dog Portrait and Larry Blovits’ Early Morning in the Smokies pastel landscape demo.

Fantasy artist Jeff Haynie has contributed The Sword of the Spirit in the oil painting section, along with two fantastic ocean scenes by Doug Purdon and Kenn Backhaus: Breaking Surf and Shaw Cove. Doug also shares a step-by-step art demo of New York in 1982 showing the former Twin Towers, using watercolour and gouache. English born, Canadian artist, John Fisher shows how to paint a silver plated teapot in watercolours, whilst American artist Donald Neff demonstrates plein air painting in acrylics.

Over in the Drawing and Sketching category we have four new art tutorials. American artist Marsha Robinett has contributed The Clubs and Drawing Young Children, using her signature style that combines Wolff’s carbon pencils, with charcoal and graphite. Illustrator Paula Pertile uses colour pencils to render a delicious looking slice of Cotswold cheese, complete with cherry tomato and finally, but not least, Barbara Newton also uses coloured pencils to demonstrate the drawing of a piece of garlic, complete with grisaille techniques.

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Three free art demos!

We have three more free art demos available on our website, courtesy of Socar Myles, Linda Ravenscroft and Mary Ann Boysen. Socar’s tutorial features a beautifully rendered piece of dark existential fantasy art, in pen and ink; a carnivorous hedgerow consuming a dead rat. In stark contrast, Mary uses the unpredictable nature of watercolours (in particular watercolour blooms) to render flowers and a more detailed woodland scene. With Linda we return back to the realm of fantasy and the creation of a tattooed fairy.

dark fantasy art, dead rat, pen and ink, free art lesson

fairy art lesson, painting fairies

watercolor blooms, watercolour techniques, painting lessons, free

Beware of emails purporting to offer you a job!

Nigerian scams are usual easy to spot. There is a generic email currently doing the rounds purporting to offer a job from either a John Wood, Michael Grifford or Michael Pollard (the names change from time to time). Unfortunately these scammers have stuck the ArtGraphica domain name in one of their template emails. If you happen to receive such an email please disregard it at once, and do not respond. All details in the email are completely bogus and have no connection whatsoever with this website, which is based in Paris, not London for starters.

Convoluted frivolities and terrible grammar are usually good indicators of a scam, and if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. I’d be more than happy on their $1200 a week myself …And really, who signs off an email with ‘We wish you good luck and happiness. Friendly Regards’?

If you receive such an email, please either delete it at once, or forward it on to your local law enforcement agency.

Update: 27th February 2010… Unfortunately the scammers have started up their campaign again, and are using different names. Michael Clarkin seems to be the latest name adopted, so if you receive an email offering a job with ArtGraphica, please follow the advice above.

New art lessons in acrylic, watercolour, oils and ink

I’m happy to announce the addition of seven free art lessons from a selection of talented artists, with more soon to follow. These free online art tutorials include:

– Native Nevada artist Mike Callahan’s large scale commission oil painting, capturing the splendor and majesty of the Sierra mountains.
– Californian artist Roland Lee’s transparent watercolour, capturing a wonderful icy river scene in Utah.
– Donald Jusko’s vivid and lively acrylic Jacaranda tree demonstration.
– South African artist Sue Dickinson’s watercolour leopard tutorial.
– Tom Richmond of Mad Comic fame’s inking tutorial.
– Steve Fleming’s watercolour demonstration in planning values and composition.
– D. John Wood’s watercolour Welsh farmhouse demo.

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5 Years of ArtGraphicA

Welcome to a brand new revamp of the ArtGraphicA website. The ArtGraphicA website was born 5 years ago – the ambitious ‘Internet Website: Wayback Machine’ started recording the first version on June 25th 2004.

So what’s new! As well as an aesthetic shift, bringing things a little more up-to-date with CSS, there is a new and improved search engine, new free art lessons and of course this blog. The blog will feature periodic updates occurring on the ArtGraphica website, along with interviews, reviews, and art related tips, tricks and techniques.